Though it might seem that we have an understanding of what art is, but when it comes to specific terms, like fine art — some confusion exists.

That is why I decided to dive deeper into the subject and focus on the definition, examples and frequently asked questions about fine…

Finding a corporate gift has never been an easy task. Whether you need to get something nice and very special for a very important client, a business partner or an employee, it will probably give you a reasonable headache.

People and teams who have made the most important contribution to…

Humanity has suffered from artphobia for centuries. This complicated psychological illness lacks scientific research, but fortunately, it is not that difficult to diagnose it.

Artphobia has spread among humans long time ago and is still affecting a large percentage of a global population.

Curing artphobia is quite simple, yet most…

Goda Smilingyte

I help passionate art collectors and talented artists meet each other via my online art gallery

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