The Best Corporate Gift Is…

Goda Smilingyte
2 min readSep 3, 2021

Finding a corporate gift has never been an easy task. Whether you need to get something nice and very special for a very important client, a business partner or an employee, it will probably give you a reasonable headache.

People and teams who have made the most important contribution to the success of the business, do deserve a sincere and unique gift, that would be


And such gift is ART! Because it meet this criteria perfectly, here is why and how.

1. Emotional

Every artwork is loaded with emotions, you just need to choose the right one — calming or uplifting, energising or relaxing, melancholic or optimistic.

2. Unique

Original art is a unique, one of a kind gift. Even if your client gets an artwork as present from somebody else, there is no chance it will be the same in it’s form or style.

3. Prestigious

Art has always been a part of luxury, so VIPs will really appreciate it, especially if a painting or sculpture is of a remarkable size!

4. Timeless

Art is beautiful and timeless. It does not age, but gains more value as years go by. There is no better gift to mark a long term cooperation.

5. Easy to admire every day

People often think that it is very difficult to find space for art, but it is really not as complicated as it seems.

Most offices are full of white empty walls that are not decorated just because the staff is too busy to get involved in decor activities.

However, if you bring in something beautiful to the working space, everyone will appreciate it and will definitely find a nice place for a unique artwork.

So if you are looking for that special gift for your VIP, do visit our online art gallery — maybe something will catch your eye :)

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