Do you have a phobia for art?

Goda Smilingyte
2 min readApr 19, 2021


Humanity has suffered from artphobia for centuries. This complicated psychological illness lacks scientific research, but fortunately, it is not that difficult to diagnose it.

Artphobia has spread among humans long time ago and is still affecting a large percentage of a global population.

Curing artphobia is quite simple, yet most people suffer from it because it is not curable by contemporary medicine.

Here is the list of most common symptoms for quick self diagnosis.

The symptoms of artphobia

  1. When someone starts a conversation about art, you feel the eagerness to state that “you are not an expert” and you “don’t understand much about art”, especially the contemporary art.

2. You do not have any art at home for the same reason — you are afraid to buy the “wrong” piece.

3. You would rather jump off the roof than express your own opinion about certain artwork, especially if you don’t like it.

4. Hearing someone criticising a work of art (especially famous and/or expensive one) puts you in a state of shock.

5. You avoid art museums and galleries at all costs.

6. If a so called expert said that certain artwork is good or paid millions of dollars for it, you feel obliged to like it.

7. The only reason you visit an art fair is to take selfies with most expensive works of art.


  1. Meet your fear — try to see as much art as possible: browse online, visit museums and galleries, pay attention to art in city spaces.

2. Be honest with yourself and have your own opinion about art.

3. Say it out loud.

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