Finding a corporate gift has never been an easy task. Whether you need to get something nice and very special for a very important client, a business partner or an employee, it will probably give you a reasonable headache.

People and teams who have made the most important contribution to the success of the business, do deserve a sincere and unique gift, that would be

And such gift is ART! Because it meet this criteria perfectly, here is why and how.

1. Emotional

Every artwork is loaded with emotions, you just need to…

Artist Gediminas Endriekus is a sculptor, who’s art has already found a way into the hearts of collectors all around Europe.

His sculptures reside art lovers. homes in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

No wonder — mysterious artworks created by this young emerging talent, are taking us to the deepest corners of subconsciousness and are revealing human feelings in a very special and unexpected way.

Meeting one of his creations is always unforgettable and it is not easy to let them go.

Girl, Bronze Sculpture by Gediminas Endriekus, 2018

Gediminas is not one of those active creators who are seen everywhere, from Instagram to art fairs…

There are many forms of art thriving in contemporary art world, but I bet no one will argue that bronze sculpture is almost extinct.

Creation of sculptures requires a lot of skills, talent, hard physical work and finance.

So when you see sculptures created by female artist Aurelija Simkute (Lithuania) and meet her in person one thought keeps crossing your mind — where does this young talent find inspiration and motivation to create bronze art.

Few questions and Aurelija reveals her inner world of creativity.

Female sculptor Aurelija Simkute
Artist Aurelija Simkute and her artwork in progress.

Tell us about your way into the world of sculpture.

You can call me a self-taught sculptor, because I studied jewellery and blacksmith and later…

Printable art available at

Whether you want to decorate your home with wall art or style to you computer screen, you can always choose digital art created by professional artists, for example a painting download, that you can print yourself or use it as an abstract wallpaper.

High resolution digital art is a quick and affordable way to fulfil your aesthetic needs.

Besides, you can customise the size of your high resolution artworks and have it printed in size that is perfect for your walls.

Our online art gallery specialises in abstract art, but if you looking for some painting pictures for downloading, you…

When someone starts a discussion about the quality of art and tries to define what makes art good or bad, the talk will always circulate around artist’s skills, technique, fame and acknowledgment of the artist, the size of the artwork and even the prices the artist sells for.

These factors are great for a talk, but defining the goodness of art is really not that complicated.


Good art has a:

That’s about it. …

It is quite simple — just one click and you are looking at contemporary art, displayed at an online gallery Art Goda.

Unlike other online art spaces, this one is not offering hundreds thousands of artworks. On the contrary — it is an art boutique.

Every collection is carefully curated and each artwork is selected by the owner. But does it work? Let’s find out by asking some questions.

Humanity has suffered from artphobia for centuries. This complicated psychological illness lacks scientific research, but fortunately, it is not that difficult to diagnose it.

Artphobia has spread among humans long time ago and is still affecting a large percentage of a global population.

Curing artphobia is quite simple, yet most people suffer from it because it is not curable by contemporary medicine.

Here is the list of most common symptoms for quick self diagnosis.

The symptoms of artphobia

Large sculpture in Vilnius city
Sculpture by Martynas Gaubas in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I won’t be making a mistake by saying that once in a lifetime every one of us has wondered — what is art and how does one define it.

The first intuitive thought that crosses our minds is related to paintings hanging on museum or gallery wall, but we also understand that it does not really answer our question.

This question has been sitting in my mind for a while too, together with few others.

  • Should random objects scattered on the gallery floor can be considered art?
  • Can only sharks of the art world decide what is (good) art and…

Buying art online

Probably you are a very busy person, as most contemporary humans and this is the time when you are starting thinking about buying a piece of art.

You do not have time for a gallery crawl, you don’t want to wait for another art fair and so you are considering buying an artwork online.

Art costs much more than other goods we usually on e-commerce platforms, so you have doubts if your purchase will be secure and your order won’t result in a failure and frustration.

In this blog post I am listing the most common fairs of buying art…

Contemporary bronze sculpture, art gift
“In The Swings”, bronze sculpture by Aurelija Šimkutė (Lithuania)

This is the time of the year when everyone is looking for unique gift ideas and I feel obliged to talk about art as a gift.

I have been running my online art gallery for three years now, but until last summer, I did not gift any art.


Perhaps art was too common for me, as I grew up in artists’ family, art was something so usual to me, just as water and air. I may say it was not special, it was and it is an everyday necessity.

But last summer, instead of bringing chocolates and cheese from…

Goda Smilingyte

I help passionate art collectors and talented artists meet each other via my online art gallery

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